British Columbia

British Columbia’s low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) reduces the carbon intensity (CI) over the lifecycle of fuels by awarding suppliers that produce fuels with a lower CI tradable credits, which must be acquired by those producing fuels with a greater CI.

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Understand the Market

Visualize fundamentals-based forward price curve that can be used for corporate budgeting, policy maintenance, and various compliance initiative projects for optimizing commercial strategies. Use our online LCFS value calculator to quickly assess premium/discount while executing transitions to help optimize your LCFS credit bank and your cost of compliance.

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Understand the Fundamentals

Explore the various operator-level supply and demand pathways that we have modelled. These include the gasoline and diesel supply into British Columbia from Canadian operators, the biofuels supply into British Columbia from both US and Canadian operators, as well as the various EV adoption-based gasoline and diesel demand forecasts. This will enable you to assess and optimize various compliance pathways in a major fuel demand center, make informed transaction decisions, and understand the forward pricing for fuels business in BC.

Understand Operator Level Supply

Study our proprietary operator and facility-level production modelling, which includes forecasts out to 2030 and are responsive to multiple EV adoption-based demand drivers. These scenarios show the impact of different adoption rates on BC supply volumes. In addition, our operator coverage table covers when specific operators supplies inflect from long to short, which makes it easy to identify potential trade counterparties and forward deal opportunities.

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